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Sport is increasingly a global business requiring a global perspective.

Sport has initiated its long-awaited return following months of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have been on hand to help the sector deal with the immediate crisis brought about by the lockdown. As the lockdown begins to ease, sport faces different challenges in ensuring that various ‘return to play’ procedures are in place to ensure that staff, participants and audiences are safe. If you have been affected by the pandemic, or would like to speak to our team about the easing of lockdown restrictions, please get in touch with Jason Saiban or visit our COVID-19 hub page for more materials and support.

We are fortunate to act for clients who have been at the forefront of developments in the sports sector and we are proud to have guided them along the way for the past 100 years. The rate of change will only increase in coming years, as will the demands of our clients for specialist skills and sector expertise.

We are go-to advisers for governing bodies, major clubs, elite athletes, brands and agencies. Our experience spans the full spectrum of sports, including football, rugby, horse racing, Formula 1, cricket, e-sports, boxing, tennis, greyhound racing, athletics, cycling and many more.

Our team consists of specialists who work exclusively within sport and are recognised by clients and independent commentators as market leaders.


Regulatory, Governance & Integrity

Regulatory and Governance

Effective regulation is pivotal to all sports. We are market leaders in drafting rules and regulations and in advising leading governing bodies on structural and governance issues.

We can offer unsurpassed regulatory expertise and familiarity with the regulations which impact you.

Our work for sports governing bodies, clubs, betting operators and technology services providers to the betting industry puts us at the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving relationship between sport and betting.


We have a clear understanding of the commercial, political and regulatory pressures sports face when dealing with integrity issues. We have particular experience advising international sports bodies on a wide range of betting integrity matters. Our work at the cutting edge of the evolving relationship between sport and betting for many years has given us knowledge of best practice across a number of sports in the UK, Europe and overseas in this area.

Sports Brands & Business

We understand the dynamics and complexities of working with brands, rights holders and investors.

It is no secret that the popularity of sport presents a powerful platform for brand promotion, innovative collaboration and for rights holders to drive commercial revenues.

Through working with our clients, we have developed an in-depth understanding of how investment and sponsors drive infrastructure; from training academies to investment in squads and we are well versed in the specific challenges presented by the distinctive regulatory and contractual framework that sport is built on.

Owing to the high profile nature of our clients, we also recognise the importance of a successful media response.

Our commercial sports team has market-leading expertise in this area derived from advising leading global sports brands, investors, rights holders, clubs, teams and individuals on the exploitation and protection of commercial rights in sport.

Sports Tech

Excellence in converging sectors.

Our combined expertise in both the sport and technology sectors places us in a market leading position to advise across these connected and converging worlds.

The use of technology in the sports sector is becoming increasingly important to participants and fans alike. From the use of data analytics to track those ever important marginal gains, to providing detailed statistics to spectators aiding increased fan engagement; from technology used for the development of tools to assist referees in correctly deciding on-pitch incidents, to combining the use of wearables and software to track health in participants; technology provides data and analysis that will forever change how we play sport.

Our expertise includes:

Software and apps

Our expertise on software and applications serves the sports market and major sporting brands well who are increasingly focused on using technology to innovate. We draw on our combined tech, IP and data protection expertise when preparing agreements surrounding the development, licensing, distribution and use of such products.

Cyber security and data protection

We understand the opportunities and issues surrounding rapid technological development and compliance obligations under domestic and international data protection laws when handling personal data. We will advise on preparing privacy policies and procedures, conduct full data protection audits and also guide sponsors and rights holders on how to legally collect and use personal data for sponsorship and marketing purposes.


With our in-depth expertise in computer games and sports, we are fascinated by the rapidly developing and fast moving eSports industry. We offer expertise on the required governance structures in the relevant sport and can advise clients on the full range of issues facing game developers, teams, pro-gamers, brands or governing bodies.

Players & Athletes

As a full service law firm, we are able to assist you on the full spectrum of legal needs throughout your career, including:

  • Transfer deals
  • Image rights contracts
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Wealth structuring and tax planning
  • Family related matters such as pre-nuptial agreements, divorce and children arrangements
  • Residential property transactions
  • Reputation management should you find yourself in the unwelcome glare of the media spotlight
  • Philanthropic causes
  • Immigration advice prior to arriving in the UK, or if your career takes you abroad