Career Start Talent Pipeline Programme

The Career Start Talent Pipeline Programme provides training, support and guidance to students from underrepresented backgrounds over a five-year period. Our aim is to help them navigate the different milestones in their studies and career planning.

We are committed to improving the diversity of our workforce and we identified a need to provide longer-term support to young people in order to improve their social mobility and access to professional opportunities. Our Career Start Talent Pipeline Programme provides various skills-based workshops, training, networking and information sessions to help talented students reach their full potential in their chosen career.

Each year, the programme identifies and selects Year 12 students from non-selective schools local to our UK offices that currently have little or no corporate support. In their first year, our Career Start students can expect to spend quality time with business professionals from our Firm through participation in our mentoring and work experience programmes. In the subsequent 4 years, they will receive a minimum of 6 hours contact time each year as we continue to engage and prepare our Career Start students for the world of further education and work.

A mentoring programme route student has said:
“Thank you for making the mentoring programme so successful and beneficial to me, especially considering all the challenges posed by everything currently going on in the world. The skills I have learnt will stay with me throughout my future career.”

Another student has said:
“A huge thank you to you and the Charles Russell Speechlys trainees for making this workshop possible for us. Personally, I absolutely loved and enjoyed learning about advice for going to University and maintaining professionalism in the workplace.”

A mentor has explained:
“Absolutely loved being part of the programme and it was inspiring seeing them all develop.”

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How to apply?

Applications for our 2023 Career Start Programme are now open. Applications close on Wednesday 16 November 2022.


We are proud to be working with Young Professionals who will be managing the application process on our behalf. Applications should be made using the link above.

As part of the application process Young Professionals will collect, and process, both your application and diversity data. The diversity data will not form any part of the shortlisting process and you are not required to complete this information in order to submit an application. However, by completing this data you will be helping us to monitor whether we have had a broad representation as part of the application process. Young Professionals take the confidentiality of your data very seriously and you can click here to see their Privacy Policy.

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We are delighted to be supporting such talented and engaged young people as part of our flagship social mobility talent pipeline programme, Career Start. We are looking forward to seeing how they progress over the years and encouraging them at every step to succeed in their chosen career.

Louise Ward, Apprenticeship Partner

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