Sustainability Leaders: Guy Battle, Social Value Portal and Liam Ronan-Chlond, Socius Development

In 2021 we were proud to promote Kerry Stares as our Responsible Business Partner, reflecting how critical responsible business and environmental, social and governance (or ESG) issues are for the success and sustainability of our firm and how critical they are for our clients.

Kerry works with stakeholders across our business to understand and improve our own environmental and social impact as a business. She works with our clients to understand their ESG priorities and to ensure that we are providing them with the right advice and support, both in our traditional role as advisors and as business partners. She also works with our intermediaries and wider networks to explore opportunities for thought leadership and collaboration in the complex and fast moving world of ESG.

Kerry’s conversations are so rich in insights from our clients and intermediaries - many of whom are true sustainability leaders - that we decided to record and share them as a podcast series.

We hope that you enjoy and find them useful – please share your feedback.

In this episode Kerry talks to Guy Battle, CEO of the Social Value Portal and Liam Ronan-Chlond, Head of Engagement at Socius Development about what creating social value means for property developers and how they can measure and manage it. They discuss what developers are already doing well, where the sector needs to make progress and unpack the different commercial incentives that combine to make a strong business case for developers investing in creating social value.

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