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City AM quotes Gareth Mills on the CMA’s new set of principles for regulating AI

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out seven new principles for regulating artificial intelligence and kick started a project to deepen its scrutiny of the fast-developing technology.

Gareth Mills, Partner, provides comment for City AM: 

"The CMA has shown a laudable willingness to engage proactively with the rapidly growing AI sector, to ensure that its competition and consumer protection agendas are engaged as early a juncture as possible.

"The principles contained in the Report are necessarily broad and it will be intriguing to see how the CMA seeks to regulate the market to ensure that competition concerns are addressed. The principles themselves are clearly aimed at facilitating a dynamic sector with low entry requirements that allows smaller players to compete effectively with more established names, whilst at the same time mitigating against the potential for AI technologies to have adverse consequences for consumers.

"The Report itself notes that, although the CMA has established a number of core principles (7), there is still work to do and that stakeholder feedback (both within the UK and internationally) will be required before a formal policy and regulatory position can be definitively established.

As the utilisation of the technologies grow, the extent to which there is any inconsistency between competition objectives and government strategy will be fleshed out."

Read the full article in City AM

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