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Property Patter: Just how protected are Rent Act and Assured Tenants?

Landlords of residential property can still come across Rent Act and Assured Tenancies, and can struggle with the difficulties they can cause when it comes to regaining possession. Emma Humphreys and Joseph Green are joined by Richard Granby of Tanfield Chambers to look at how and when can courts be persuaded that tenants are no longer entitled to enjoy the protection of these tenancies.

The cases referred to in this podcast are:

  • M Brown Limited v. Bestwick [1951] 1 KB 21
  • Tickner v. Hearn [1961] 1 All ER 65
  • Richards v. Green [1984] 11 HLR 1
  • Moreland Property v. Dhokia [2003] EWCA Civ 1639
  • Gofor Investments v. Roberts [1975] 1 WLUK 727

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