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Art Net quotes Rudy Capildeo on a new legislative change re: criminal damage to memorials

Vandals who target public monuments in the UK now face drastically harsher fines and prison sentences under a new law. This amendment is part of a broader criminal law that is focused on giving police more power to manage protests.

Rudy Capildeo, Partner, provides comment for Art Net.

He comments:

“There’s now a prospect of greater penalties being imposed if those in power don’t agree with the message being imparted by those doing the damage, thereby potentially impacting people’s right to express themselves freely.” 

“A political judgement appears to be being placed on the content of the graffiti rather than the act of vandalism itself.”

“One of the things that’s most disappointing about the new legislation is that it seems to ignore a clear opportunity for public engagement. How we view our statues and monuments is an important part of a larger conversation that we, like many other nations, are having about our identity in the 21st century. This dialogue is crucial to protecting our public statues and memorials and is actually one of the best ways of preserving them because it keeps them relevant.”

Read the full article in Art Net here.

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