Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax Legal Services

The taxation of real estate portfolios, investments and developments can be highly complex.

Regular changes in the taxation of real estate holding structures, stamp duty land taxes, VAT accounting and other taxes present an ever-changing tax position for companies and investors in the sector.

Our real estate tax specialists will help you navigate the different rules and regulations to successfully position your portfolio.

Our real estate tax legal expertise

Our team can advise you on structuring arrangements, using both UK and offshore structures, and the tax implications of how you hold, acquire, finance and sell your assets.

Examples of the clients that we regularly advise include REITs, investment funds, private investors, developers, blue chip corporates, educational institutions and charities.

Whether you are looking to develop your real estate portfolio, refinance existing holdings or consider the tax implications of how you may pass on what you have worked to grow, our team can help advise you on the best approach.

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