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Training Contracts

At Charles Russell Speechlys, we demand a high level of performance from our solicitors and expect them to be tuned into the needs and demands of our clients whilst advising and delivering an excellent level of technical expertise.

However, we know that success takes time to nurture and our training contract is designed to set our trainee solicitors on the right path and help them to succeed.

The two-year training contract at Charles Russell Speechlys is divided into four seats, giving trainees the opportunity to experience a range of different practice areas before qualification. This gives our trainees the chance to engage in high level work with both private clients and commercial clients.

The different areas of law that trainees may experience during their training contract include:

Trainees also have the opportunity to go on client secondment to high-profile companies in property, media, finance, sports and retail.  These in-house secondments are an excellent way for trainees to truly understand the finer points of what clients really expect from their lawyers as well as gaining an understanding of the issues our clients face.

As well as client secondments, there may also be opportunities for trainees to undertake secondments to one of our overseas offices.

Throughout the training contract, there are regular meetings and reviews between the trainees and their supervisors to ensure they are continuing to receive a broad range of quality work and that they are developing the required skills and knowledge as they progress through their seats.  These meetings take the form of a more informal review at the mid-seat stage and a formal performance review at the end of the seat.  The reviews are very much a two-way process and trainees are encouraged to identify personal objectives for development, as we want every trainee to get the best out of each seat.


Applications are now open for our 2019 Training Contracts in the following offices:

  • Cheltenham
  • Guildford
  • London

The deadline to apply for a training contract is 30 June 2017.

Apply here