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Reviewing your Divorce Settlement, Pre-Nup and living arrangements

I am concerned that in the current economic climate, I will struggle to meet the obligations in my pre-nup or divorce settlement. How can I get out of a deal?

The Covid pandemic has impacted on families across our country in myriad unforeseen ways. With the worst period of recession in 300 years potentially ahead of us, many separated and divorced couples will be considering whether they can reopen or vary a divorce settlement. Many people with pre- or post-nuptial agreements may be concerned that they are no longer fit for purpose and need to be reviewed.

For some couples, lockdown has bought an opportunity to cohabit, which has either accelerated their relationship or put strain on it, leaving them wondering what they should be doing next with their living arrangements.

There are various possibilities, as explained in the videos below.

As a full service private wealth team, we are able to support you with the below decisions in the wider context of your personal planning.