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Lisa-Jane Dupernex

Legal Director

Lisa-Jane provides advice to offshore, onshore and multi-jurisdictional individuals, families, charities, trustees and beneficiaries regarding taxation, trust and estate planning matters.



Lisa-Jane is familiar with devising and coordinating tax and estate planning across a number of jurisdictions and in particular specialises in tax and estate planning where there is a US element. She has expertise in advising UK residents on the UK tax treatment of foreign entities including foundations, corporations, partnerships and trusts.

Lisa-Jane is admitted to practise in England and Wales.


  • Advising UK resident, US citizens on the UK tax treatment of US revocable and irrevocable trusts and the tax consequences of receiving distributions under domestic law and the US/UK double tax treaty.
  • Estate planning for individuals or couples with a US/UK element, to minimise UK and US taxation.
  • Advising on the tax-efficient structuring of purchases of UK residential properties and development plots by non-UK residents, and on “de-enveloping” existing structures.
  • Pre-arrival planning for non-domiciled individuals moving to the UK seeking to be taxed on the remittance basis.
  • Varying inheritances received under civil succession law to establish “excluded property” trusts for UK resident beneficiaries.
  • Advising individuals becoming “deemed domiciled” regarding options for holding non-UK assets, including establishing trusts for US clients.

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