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Abba Abbaszadi

Director of Information Technology

Abba is a leading Information Technologist with more than 20 years’ experience both operating in and leading teams within the professional and technology service industries.



Abba joined the firm over a decade ago and has since led us through various technology innovations, including at the time of merger, where his technology designs and implementations paved the way for the seamless user experience we have today. His industry-wide vendor knowledge, combined with a modern and pioneering outlook on how we should consume technology drives the firm forward in responding to the changing needs of our legal teams and clients.

Prior to joining Charles Russell Speechlys, Abba helped design and implement London’s many public Wi-Fi hotspots, covering many of the commuter train stations, and included pivotal research on the development of Voice Over IP (telephone calls over the internet).

Abba is fully immersed and committed to lead the department, with a view to drive transformational technology change within the firm, further improve service delivery and ensure our IT strategy continues to align with the firm’s business goals.

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