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Key dates for Employment law





  1. Royal - Photo

    Extra bank holiday

    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee four-day weekend with late May bank holiday being moved to 3 June.

  2. Government consultation - Icon

    Four day week

    70 companies began a trial of a four-day working week. Workers will receive 100% of pay for 80% of their normal hours and have agreed to 100% productivity. The trial is due to run for 6 months.

  3. Law - Photo

    Bill of Rights

    The government introduced a Bill of Rights which purports to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998.

  4. Inquiry - Photo

    Unlawful strikes

    Legislation has been put before Parliament that will make it simpler to engage agency workers during industrial action. The implementation date has not yet been announced.

  5. Gender Pay - Icon


    The EAT has found that a doctor who refused to use chosen pronouns on religious grounds had not been discriminated against (Mackreth v DWP).


  1. Government consultation - Photo

    Fit notes

    Legislation comes into force to expand the category of people who can sign fit notes for SSP purposes. The DWP has published guidance.

  2. Mental Health - timeline

    Mental health and well-being

    The Department for Health and Social Care’s call for evidence on improving mental health and well-being closed today.

  3. In court - Image

    Gender critical belief – finding of discrimination

    We now have an indication of the approach the courts will take as the Forstater case returned to the Employment Tribunal (ET) earlier this year for a hearing on the merits and the decision was handed down this week.

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  4. neonatal - timeline

    Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill

    The government has announced it is backing a Private Members Bill which makes provision about leave and pay for employees with responsibility for children receiving neonatal care.

  5. In court - Icon

    Part-year workers favoured in Supreme Court holiday pay ruling

    The Supreme Court looks at how holiday pay should be calculated for someone who works part of the year but has a permanent contract.

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  6. protest - timeline

    Agency workers to replace striking workers

    Legislation has come into effect today allowing agency workers to replace striking workers.

  7. Government consultation - Icon

    Employment Status

    The government has published the long-awaited response to the consultation on employment status following the Taylor Review in 2017, and confirmed there will be no legislative change. New (non-statutory) guidance on employment status has however been published.

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  8. People-abstract

    Barrister with gender critical beliefs discriminated against by Chambers

    In what has become an increasingly polarised debate, an employment tribunal has found that the barrister, Allison Bailey was discriminated against by her Chambers, Garden Court, because of her gender critical beliefs.

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  1. Publication of information - Icon

    Fire and re-hire

    Draft statutory code of practice due to be published for consultation during the Summer.

  2. Government consultation - Icon

    HM Treasury published a consultation on proposals (together with draft guidance) to introduce new administrative controls for public sector exit payments over £95,000

  3. People-abstract

    Race Disparity Unit’s consultation on new standards for ethnicity data closes

    This sets out best practice for government departments or public bodies when collecting, analysing and reporting ethnicity data but is also helpful for anyone in the private sector interested in doing this. 


  1. Minimum wage - Icon

    Evidence on crypto assets

    Closing date for written submissions to be made to the Treasury Committee call for evidence on crypto assets.

  2. Brexit - Photo

    The “Brexit Freedoms” Bill

    All retained EU law will be amended, repealed or replaced by 31 December 2023 under the Brexit Freedoms Bill introduced by the government unless it takes specific steps to preserve it.  This could impact EU-derived regulations such as the Working Time Regulations, TUPE and the Agency Workers Regulations.

  3. Money - Photo

    Bankers bonuses

    The government announced that the PRA will remove the current cap on bankers’ bonuses. The date this will happen isn’t yet known. 


  1. Publication of information - Icon

    Red tape reform

    The government plans to widen the exemptions for small businesses from certain regulations and reporting requirements to capture businesses with fewer than 500 employees. More details are awaited, but the revised threshold applies from 3 October to all new regulations under development as well as those under current and future review. 

  2. Report - Photo

    Consultation on new controls process for public sector payments over £95,000 closes

  3. Carer

    Carer’s Leave Bill

    The government has announced it is backing a Private Members’ Bill which makes provision for unpaid leave for employees with caring responsibilities.

  4. Publication of information - Icon

    Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Bill

    The government has announced it is backing the Private Members Bill which makes provision for protection from redundancy during or after pregnancy or after periods of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.

  5. Government consultation - Icon

    Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010)

    The government has announced it is supporting the Private Members Bill which creates employer’s liability for harassment of their employees by third parties.


  1. Tips

    Exclusivity clauses

    Regulations come into force that make exclusivity clauses unenforceable in non-zero hours contracts for low-income workers (i.e. those earning less than £123 per week). These are clauses which seek to restrict workers from working with multiple employers. Employees will be protected from dismissal and detriment for breaching an exclusivity clause.

  2. Minimum wage - Icon

    Holiday Pay

    The Supreme Court will be hearing an appeal against the finding that a claim for unlawful deduction from wages for unpaid holiday pay is not broken by a gap of three months (Chief Constable Northern Ireland v Agnew).



  1. Flexible working

    ICO consultation on draft guidance for monitoring at work ends

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  2. Government consultation - Photo

    ICO consultation on draft guidance on information about workers’ health ends

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  1. Publication of information - Icon

    National Minimum Wage

    The National Living Wage for those 23 and over will increase from £9.50 to £10.42; the NMW for those aged 21-22 will increase from £9.18 to £10.18; NMW for those aged 18 – 20 will increase from £6.83 to £7.49 and for those aged 16 – 17 from £4.81 to £5.28.


  1. Royal - Photo

    Extra bank holiday to celebrate coronation of Charles III