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South China Morning Post quotes Lisa Wong on Hong Kong's surrogacy rules

With the advancement of technology, surrogacy has boomed recently in different countries such as India, Ukraine, Thailand, US etc.

This allows couples who are infertile, homosexual couples, or even single people to become parent(s) of a child biologically related to them.

However, the laws in Hong Kong relating to surrogacy are still rather reserved. Surrogacy agreements are not enforceable in courts and any forms of commercial surrogacy are illegal.

Lisa Wong, Family Partner, provides comment for South China Morning Post:

"The city’s law should be reviewed to at least provide an option for people to seek surrogacy outside Hong Kong.

"It is currently an offence in Hong Kong to be involved in commercial surrogacy locally or overseas, but the government could consider allowing commercial surrogacy done outside the city.”

Lisa believes that all individuals and couples - including same-sex couples, couples facing infertility challenges, and individuals with health concerns - should have the option of international commercial surrogacy available to them.

Read the full article here (subscription required).

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