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    Rent arrears

Tenants sometimes struggle to pay the rent and other liabilities due under their leases.

If that happens, there are number of issues for a landlord to consider:

  • Sometimes, a landlord will want to use the breach of non-payment to forfeit the lease.
  • A landlord should always check whether the tenant is in some form of insolvency (or about to be), as this can affect the remedies available to it.
  • It may be possible to agree a repayment arrangement or accommodation of the tenant’s difficulties, e.g. allowing the payment of quarterly rents on a monthly basis, rent concessions etc. 

In many instances, a landlord will want to consider taking action to recover the sums owed and there are a number of options for this. Our guidance provides an overview of each of these options, including the pros and cons.


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Recovering Arrears Owed By Tenants - A Guide

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