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Ending a relationship is never easy, and each couple's situation is unique. Some families have complex assets, trust and financial arrangements that involve property and other disputes, requiring  expertise and in-depth knowledge to resolve.

Others may have different opinions about what is best for their children. Matters can become even more complex if parents are currently living or planning to reside in different countries. In such cases, privacy and a quick resolution of matters are often essential reasons to consider alternative forms of dispute resolution.

There are several factors to consider when facing a dispute, and it is crucial to explore all the available options for resolving it to obtain the best possible outcome. We will guide you on the most suitable approach and work closely with you to meet your bespoke needs.

Our services include various forms of dispute resolution, each with its own benefits and results-oriented approaches.

Our family mediation and collaborative law expertise

Mediation is a private, participative process where an independent mediator helps parties to navigate the issues between them and find solutions. Mediation allows parties to stay in control of the outcome, rather than a judge deciding what should happen. The mediation process can be tailored to suit the needs of different families and is often a quicker and less stressful means of a resolving a dispute.  

We have eight specially trained mediators who can deliver this process for you. You can watch our mediation video series where our mediators discuss what to expect and the dynamics involved in mediating family law issues.

As an alternative to mediation, we also have specially trained collaborative lawyers. The collaborative process involves a commitment from the parties and their lawyers to try and resolve the issues without going to court and a series of face to face meetings to resolve the issues.

Mediation is not suitable in all cases and our team can advise you further regarding this, and other dispute resolution options.

Our family arbitration expertise

Arbitration is increasingly popular as an alternative means to resolve family disputes, both in respect of financial and children matters. The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) launched the financial scheme in February 2012 and then in 2016 widened the scheme to enable certain children disputes to be resolved by arbitration.

Arbitration can be embarked upon at the outset of a matter or run alongside and in parallel with court litigation. An independent arbitrator is chosen by the parties and appointed either to determine a specific issue or to resolve the proceedings entirely, and this determination is final and binding, with the determination then converted into an order of the court.

There are several benefits to arbitration, it is confidential, it can be flexible to your particular needs, and it can be quicker than the court timetable.  It is growing in popularity and prominence as a result.

We have extensive experience in arbitrating matters. We acted in one of the leading cases on arbitration in family law which established the procedure to be followed following an arbitral award being made. A list of our reported cases is available here.

Arbitration is not suitable in all cases and our team can advise you further regarding this, and other dispute resolution options.


Family Mediation video series

In our Family Mediation Series, we explore how mediation can be useful for those who are willing to solve their issues away from court. 

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Meet our family mediation, arbitration & dispute resolution lawyers

Charles Russell Speechlys is known for its constructive approach to family law which makes the team ideally placed to offer mediation."

Legal 500 UK, 2024, Family Mediation & Dispute Resolution

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