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Simon Weil, Partner

Simon specialises in tax planning, trusts, philanthropy, charities and the resolution of potentially contentious issues arising out of wills, trusts and co-ownership of property for private clients and charities.



Simon has lectured on philanthropy, governance, charity trusteeship and charities in the context of tax-planning. He is also actively involved in the promotion of living legacies in connection with Philanthropy Impact.

He has acted for families with heritage assets and helped them to plan for a sustainable future.

Simon has advised trustees with holdings in overseas companies in the context of major reorganisations, entailing dealings with firms in multiple jurisdictions.

He includes as part of the philanthropy offering creating musical instrument syndicates.


  • Acting for the two minor beneficiaries of a Cayman Islands trust, worth in excess of one hundred million pounds
  • Advising parties whom the testator, the owner of an 80% shareholding in a property investment company, owning a slice of Belgravia, had intended to be major beneficiaries under a new will, which he failed to execute before his death
  • Creating a heritage structure for an estate with a unique library involving a charity
  • Helped to pioneer the development of real property investment pooling schemes for charities and advised in the creation of the Absolute Return Trust for Charities, the first common investment fund of hedge funds


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