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Neville Hayman

Legal Director

Neville specialises in the administration of estates (including intestacies).



Neville specialises in the administration of estates (including intestacies). He is experienced in negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs in respect of inheritance tax and in dealing with the UK assets of foreign domiciliaries. Neville deals with all aspects of estate administrations including the completion of estate tax returns and the preparation of estate accounts.

Neville is admitted to practise in England and Wales.


  • Negotiations with HMRC in connection with complex estates incorporating assets eligible for Business Property Relief and Agricultural Property Relief and achieving substantial IHT savings
  • Following the death of the surviving spouse, negotiating with Valuation Office Agency and HMRC in connection with tax planning undertaken following the death of the first spouse primarily in connection with the matrimonial home and achieving considerable tax savings
  • Advising personal representatives in connection with normal expenditure out of income claims and achieving substantial IHT savings as a result following negotiations with HMRC
  • Extracting a UK Grant of Letters of Administration in connection with the estate of an itinerant spinster with no fixed domicile to enable a UK bank account in her name to be closed and the proceeds transferred to the administrator dealing with the worldwide estate
  • Extracting limited grants of representation expeditiously to protect estate interests
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