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Emily Chow, Associate

Emily is experienced in advising property developers, property investment companies and financial institutions on sale and purchase, leasing, licensing and land related security financing of commercial, residential and industrial properties in Hong Kong.


Emily is experienced in handling property related transactions, including sale and purchase of properties in Hong Kong by way of asset deal and share deal. She has advised clients on all kinds of real estate and conveyancing related matters, leases, tenancies, licences and applications for stamp duty relief and refund. She is also experienced in perusing title deeds and conducting due diligence on property ownership/encumbrances.

In addition, Emily also has experience in land-related contentious matters including land compulsory sale applications, mortgage actions, recovery of possession of properties, etc.

Emily is admitted to practice in Hong Kong. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Putonghua.


  • Advising property developers and property investment companies in the acquisition and disposal of properties in Hong Kong by way of asset deal and share deal.
  • Acting for institutional and private landlords and tenants in large-scale project leasing and licensing of residential and commercial properties including reviewing their standard form lease documentation, negotiating tenancy agreements and providing legal advice on tenancy related issues.
  • Representing land developers on the conditional sale and purchase of properties for redevelopment purposes.