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Ashley King-Christopher, Partner

Ashley advises internationally based clients and their Family Office executive teams in relation to efficiently integrating their international wealth protection/succession structures, together with their business/investment transactions across all asset classes.


Ashley’s practise mainly covers the structuring of international private wealth holding, protection and operating business structures, with an emphasis on advising active Single Family Offices and their Principals/families on their international deals, primarily in Europe, Africa and Asia, and their financial intermediaries, including Multi-Family Offices (MFOs), private banks, private investment offices and hedge/private equity funds and their managers. Ashley also advises extensively on the tax aspects of corporate holding, fund, trust, foundation and partnership based international holding and business/real estate investment and operating structures, including advising on tax-efficient EU holding/exit planning structures, and on the corporate tax transactional aspects of financing/acquisition deals. In addition, Ashley works closely with the firm’s Luxembourg, Paris and Swiss offices to formulate OECD onshore tax-efficient international private wealth (protection) vehicles for holding closely-held international private/family wealth. This work includes deal transactions covering operating businesses/investments across multiple asset classes and jurisdictions.

Ashley is admitted to practise in England and Wales and Australia.

Experience highlights

  • Holding and protecting international private wealth, in particular advising UK and internationally based Single Family Offices on their initial set-up structures, including how the tax-efficiently manage and formulate their direct investments, taking into account such direct investment deal activity on the personal tax position of their Principals
  • General corporate tax, transactional M&A and finance structuring advice in relation to international corporate groups and private closely-held Principal/family owned international operating groups
  • Advising Family Offices, private wealth managers, hedge/private equity funds and Private Investment Offices on direct deal structuring, manager/adviser tax, Club and fund SPV holding structuring, in particular the wider issues affecting choice of jurisdiction (onshore/offshore) and choice of vehicle (limited partnership, company, foundation, fund, trust or unincorporated contractual joint venture)