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Alan Kitcher, Head of Trusts and Probate

Alan specialises in both UK and offshore trust accounting and administration and taxation, charity accounting and administration, estate accounting and administration and specialist tax planning.


Alan is a qualified accountant who heads the trust and probate team at Charles Russell Speechlys. He has worked in the trust and private client industry for the last 13 years with both accountants and solicitor firms advising trustees and beneficiaries on all aspects of the management of trusts, including accounting and taxation issues.

Alan looks after high and ultra high net worth family trusts and landed estates, UK and offshore trusts and charities. He supports and advises trustees and beneficiaries on the various different taxes that effect trusts, including advising offshore trustees and UK beneficiaries of UK tax consequences of distributions, restructuring of trusts and the impact of disposing of assets. Alan also advises families on inheritance tax planning and passing assets to the next generation.

Alan was named in ePrivateClient's top 35 under 35 in 2017.


  • Preparing accounts for complex trusts (including multi fund trusts) and estates and producing financial statements for trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Preparing Charities accounts ensuring they are compliant with the 'Statement of Recommended Practice' and advising on recent changes such as FRS102.
  • Completing various tax returns for trustees such as annual self-assessment tax returns, Inheritance tax returns for both ten year anniversary charges and exit charges for discretionary trusts.
  • Advising individuals on the use of trusts in tax planning making use of reliefs where possible such as Agricultural Property Relief (APR), Business Property Relief (BPR) and gifts from excess income.