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Property Patter: The last resort – FAQs on tenant liquidation

In the second of our series of Property Patter podcasts looking at tenant insolvency, Emma Humphreys invites Heidi Wagstaff and Emma Preece to explain a bit more about how liquidation works.  What are the different types of liquidation and when will the court make a winding-up order (in “normal” times)?  What steps should landlords take when a tenant goes into liquidation?  And what are the chances of landlords achieving any recovery when a tenant goes into liquidation - is it all doom and gloom?!

For access to further information on topics such as Corporate Insolvency - Implications for Forfeiture/CRAR and also Tenant liquidation/winding-up - FAQs for landlords, join our Surveyors Refresher hub here.

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