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25 June 2018

Heather Maizels - financial pioneer and Charles Russell Speechlys Senior Advisor - honoured in Foundling Museum exhibition

Charles Russell Speechlys Senior Advisor Heather Maizels has been selected by the Foundling Museum to participate in First Among Equals, a year-long programme in honour of the centenary of female suffrage, which celebrates remarkable women who have shaped contemporary British society.

The first British woman to found a private bank, Heather features in the exhibition alongside participants including Maria Balshaw (the first female Director of the Tate), Dame Heather Rabbatts (the first female Director of the Football Association) and Baroness Hale of Richmond (the first female President of the Supreme Court)

Each of the exhibition's participants have chosen for display an object that resonates with them from across the Foundling Museum’s collection, which spans 300 years of social history, culture and philanthropy. Their selections are intended to enable visitors to see the collection from different perspectives, to make connections between the past and the present, and to reflect on women’s ongoing struggle for equality

For her object, Heather has selected a ticket engraved  by William Hogarth from the lottery he held to sell his 1750 painting 'The March of the Guards to Finchley'.

The ticket, alongside a profile of Heather, hangs in the museum until the end of the year.

A receipt for the lottery for William Hogarth's 'The March of the Guards to Finchley'