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05 November 2013

‘Italian Scam’ - beware of fraudsters impersonating Speechly Bircham in inheritance scam.

This article was written prior to the formation of Charles Russell Speechlys, through the merger between Charles Russell and Speechly Bircham.

Recent attempts by fraudsters to impersonate either Speechly Bircham or its lawyers have been targeting members of the public, particularly members of the Italian public who have received a fax written in bad Italian stating that they are entitled to a huge inheritance from someone with the same name as them. The fax appears to have been sent by Naomi Heathcote who is a solicitor with Speechly Bircham.  However, our firm has not sent this fax and we would never approach beneficiaries in this way.

If you are in receipt of such a fax, you do not need to notify us of its existence.  We are very aware of this series of fraudulent communications and have notified the Metropolitan Police. We encourage you to do the same through the Police website.