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30 October 2017

Connect - TMT industry newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our new regular newsletter, Connect.

The aim of this newsletter is to highlight some of the key legal issues we are coming across in the TMT sector.

In this newsletter we cover buy & build strategies in the TMT sector, how GDPR will impact IT services, lessons for IT services to learn from wind farm design defects and the difficulty with dealing with employee inventors' claims.

Buy & Build strategies in the TMT Sector

Earlier this year, Mark Howard, partner and joint head of TMT at Charles Russell Speechlys, chaired an insightful panel session on buy and build strategies at the two-day TMT Finance M&A Forum held in London. We thought it would be useful to share some of the insights.

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GDPR for IT services: Keeping compliance at the heart of the controller/processor relationship

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018. GDPR is intended to be a data protection regulation for the modern economy, fully embracing the advent of the cloud and distributed computing. That said, GDPR does not mention IT systems specifically, but the technical and organisational measures which are required to protect personal data are to a very significant extent IT related. As such, GDPR compliance obligations will fall on the IT services business sector very heavily.

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Dealing with employee inventors' claims: the difficult job of formulating policy in the UK and mainland Europe

Historically, UK patent law relating to employee compensation for patented inventions has favoured employers to a significant degree. UK law was changed to make claims easier, but there are still major challenges for claimants. This is in marked contrast to laws such as those of Germany and France, which are at the opposite end of the spectrum. This disparity in treatment presents obvious problems for those managing international research teams.

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Standards and contracts collide – lessons for IT services to learn from wind farm design defects

A recent case on the defective design and build of wind farm machinery bases is of potential relevance in contracts for other sectors which are reliant on design standards according to international or national standards.

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