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Expert Insights

Real Estate and Construction Newsletter - October 2017

Welcome to our October newsletter, bringing you legal insight into issues facing the property industry.

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Keeping control of your investment in the co-working boom

In recent years there has been a seismic shift in the office space market.  In this article, we explore the legal implications relating to this rapid rise of co-working space.

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Do you need a strategic partnership framework with a registered provider?

This article discusses the benefits for developers of entering into strategic partnership frameworks with registered providers of affordable housing to set the basis for successful development partnerships.

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Permission in principle – eight things you need to know

We provide practical guidance on this new form of planning permission.

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Dealing with trespassers: practical guidance for owners

Trespassers are an increasing problem for owners of vacant commercial premises, not only because of the costs and time spent removing them, but also due to the significant damage that they can cause. This article sets out some practical steps for property owners facing unexpected and unwelcome visitors.

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BIM: legal issues

The Government has been a keen exponent of Building Information Modelling (BIM), requiring all Government projects to achieve BIM level 2 since April 2016. This article covers the risks of the new technology and the issues surrounding building contracts and intellectual property.

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