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Expert Insights

HS2 update – Amendments to the #HS2 Hybrid Bill

Including following consultation and negotiations with petitioners, an Additional Provision 2 (July 2015) motion was tabled for debate by the House of Commons on 23 June 2015.

This Additional Provision was passed, and now enables the Select Committee to consider amendments to the HS2 Hybrid Bill (as originally presented).

Once Additional Provision 2 has been deposited (expected to be in July 2015), there will be a further opportunity for those impacted to lodge a petition, engage with HS2 and be heard by the Select Committee.

The window for lodging petitions is likely to be between 4 and 6 weeks, and given this is expected to fall over the summer holiday period, it is important to ensure steps are taken quickly so the right to make representations is not missed.

Additional Provision 2 will largely affect existing landowners affected by HS2, where it will be important to ensure the amendments proposed reflect the terms of the assurances and understandings reached with HS2.

However, there will be new landowners/occupiers not previously impacted by HS2 now affected for the first time.

Please contact a member of our HS2 team if you require any advice on your position.

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