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Expert Insights

HS2 Update – A Re-consultation on Compensation

Although the decision itself had limited immediate fall out, the one key result so far obtained by the 51m group of local authorities (amongst others) in its judicial review was to secure a declaration that the previous consultation on the arrangements for compensation on compulsory purchase of land along the HS2 route had been ‘so unfair, as to be unlawful’.

The Court stated that not enough information had been provided, and it is now hoped that the consultation that closed this week will rectify the issues. The idea is that the new compensation scheme will be in place from Summer 2014.

The areas being consulted on do not vary greatly from the initial consultation, however there have been some additional proposals, as well as changes to the existing proposals. All these proposals seek to fulfil the set aims of fairness, value for money, community cohesion, feasibility, efficiency and comprehensibility while allowing the housing market to function.

Some of these could have a great impact on those looking to obtain compensation for any blight attributed to HS2 although there remains significant concern as to the ease with which the proposals can be implemented and the prospects of swift and proper compensation for losses sustained by property owners and occupiers.

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