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In the Spotlight: Crisis Survival in an Age of Increased Accountability

Over the past year, we have been exploring the latest legal and regulatory risks and challenges businesses and executives within those businesses are facing across all aspects of commercial life.

Many of our clients are now subject to unprecedented scrutiny from regulators and law enforcement, from the media and from politicians. This scrutiny is raising concerns that the vast range of potential liabilities and risks faced by organisations and individuals are too numerous to keep abreast of without the appropriate advice and support.

For our report, “In the Spotlight: Crisis Survival in an Age of Increased Accountability”, we interviewed members of the senior management of organisations who have had personal experience of the challenges presented by this new commercial environment.

Our research findings confirmed our view that the increasing scrutiny and personal liability of executives has led to individuals now facing a deleterious impact not only on their ability to operate professionally, but on many aspects of their private lives too.

In our report we set out our advice on how to prevent and manage the impact. We hope that this report and our companion “A to Z guide to crisis management” will help you withstand the spotlight’s glare.

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