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22 September 2017

TFL refuses to renew Uber licence in London due to poor employment practices

The decision of TfL today to deny Uber’s request to operate in London beyond its current license due to a lack of corporate responsibility may also reflect the fact that, where an organisation associated with TfL appears to be falling foul of good employment practices (including in relation to obtaining medical certificates and the failure to  carry out background checks on drivers), it may not receive the public endorsement which a licence to operate in London provides.   

It is likely that TfL’s stance proves that pressure on businesses to do the right thing can significantly impact your business in an immediate and very public way that legislation cannot achieve. This is a lesson for similar gig economy companies, to do the right thing before being told publicly that you've taken advantage and contravened the law.

Uber are at the Employment Appeal Tribunal next week on 27 and 28 September appealing against the tribunal finding that their drivers are “workers” and therefore entitled to holiday pay and the national minimum wage.

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