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Expert Insights

Infra.Law - Autumn 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Infra.Law bringing you legal and commercial insight into issues facing the domestic and international infrastructure sector. Please follow the hyperlinks below to individual articles, or if you would like to read the full Infra.Law please click here.

Construct.Law is our sister publication which focuses on the UK construction industry.

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Split EPC Contracts: half the contract, double the risk?

In this article, we provide an overview of Split EPC Contracts.

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Project insurance – does it always cover sub-contractors?

Recent case law could cause concern to contractors who may have assumed that they would always be covered by project insurance.

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“Sub-public” procurement regulations? Crown Commercial Service Policy Note could mean public sector contractors have to put sub-contract opportunities out to tender

We take a look at a new policy which could have a major impact on procurement timescales and advertisements and tendering requirements.

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FIDIC 2017: Fit for purpose?

Our construction team addresses whether FIDIC 2017 contracts are fit for purpose.

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The Gulf diplomatic dispute and construction claims - extensions of time

We consider a contractor's right to an extension of time under the FIDIC suite of contracts.

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Brexit and Infrastructure

Our construction team discusses the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and infrastructure.

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