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Focus Antitrust - 23 April 2020

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Government introduces competition law exclusion for dairy industry

The Government is introducing a temporary competition law exclusion for the dairy industry, in order to allow the industry to work together during the coronavirus crisis. Click here.

CMA publishes guidance on merger assessments during the Coronavirus pandemic

The CMA has published guidance on merger assessments during the Coronavirus pandemic to provide further information on key aspects of its practice, including information-gathering, the timing of investigations and the conduct of meetings and hearings, as well as its approach to interim measures and substantive assessment. As an Annex to the guidance, the CMA has also issued a ‘refresher’ on how it is likely to approach ‘failing firm’ claims in merger investigations. Click here.

CMA provisionally accepts failing firm defence in Amazon/Deliveroo merger

The CMA has provisionally accepted the failing firm defence in relation to Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo. The CMA has provisionally found that Deliveroo may exit the market absent the investment from Amazon, which the CMA currently considers would be worse for consumers than allowing the transaction to proceed. Click here.

Competition Appeal Tribunal upholds CMA’s Ecolab/Holchem merger decision

The Competition Appeal Tribunal has upheld the CMA’s merger decision requiring Ecolab to sell Holchem Laboratories. Click here.


  • The CMA has referred the anticipated acquisition by Kingspan Holdings (Panels) Limited of Building Solutions (National) Limited for an in-depth phase 2 merger investigation. Click here.

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