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Expert Insights

Focus Antitrust - 19 February 2020

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CMA announces Tesco in breach of grocery market investigation remedy

The CMA has announced that Tesco is in breach of the grocery market investigation remedy. The remedy restricted Tesco’s ability to seek to prevent land near its stores from being used for competing supermarkets. Click here.

CMA clears Google’s acquisition of Looker Data Sciences

The CMA has cleared Google’s purchase of Looker Data Sciences. The CMA considered whether the loss of direct competition between Google and Looker in the supply of business intelligence tools could lead to increased prices or reductions in quality, but concluded that this was unlikely. It also found there was no strong evidence that Google would have the incentive to leverage its position in online advertising and web analytics to the detriment of rival providers of business intelligence tools. Click here.


  • The CMA has cancelled its phase 2 merger investigation following Prosafe’s announcement that it has abandoned its proposed deal with Floatel. Click here.

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