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Focus Antitrust - 20 March 2019

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CMA closes investigation into MSD’s discount scheme for Remicade

The CMA has closed its investigation into MSD’s discount scheme for Remicade after finding no grounds for action. The CMA has concluded that, based on the factual circumstances at the time when the pricing scheme was introduced and on the basis of the information in its possession, the pricing scheme was not, in fact, likely to restrict competition. Click here.

CMA issues fine of £120,000 for breach of hold separate order in merger case

The CMA has fined Vanilla Group £120,000 for breach of a hold separate order in connection with its completed acquisition of Washstation Ltd. The CMA considers that Vanilla Group sold a number of laundry machines in breach of the order. Click here.

European Commission fines Google €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising

The European Commission has fined Google €1.49 billion for breaching the rules prohibiting the abuse of a dominant position. The Commission has decided that Google abused its dominance in the market for online search advertising intermediation by imposing a number of restrictive clauses in contracts with third-party websites, which prevented Google's rivals from placing their search adverts on these websites. Click here.

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