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Focus Antitrust - 10 April 2019

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CMA issues statements of objections to suppliers of groundworks products to construction industry

The CMA has issued a statement of objections to three suppliers of groundworks products to the construction industry, alleging that they participated in a cartel. Click here.

European Commission sends statements of objections to Valve and five videogame publishers on geo-blocking of PC video games

The European Commission has sent a statement of objections in relation to the restriction of cross border sales of videogames. The Commission alleges that Valve, owner of the “Steam” video game distribution platform, and five video game publishers prevented consumers from purchasing videogames cross-border from other Member States. Click here.

European Commission issues statement of objections to BMW, Daimler and VW for restricting competition on emission cleaning technology

The European Commission has issued a statement of objections in relation to restrictions on emission cleaning technology. The Commission alleges that BMW, Daimler and VW (Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche) colluded to restrict competition on the development of technology to clean the emissions of petrol and diesel passenger cars. Click here.


Articles 101 and 102
  • The ECJ has held that the principle of ne bis in idem does not preclude a national competition authority from fining an undertaking in a single decision for an infringement of national competition law as well as an infringement of Article 102. However, the national competition authority must nevertheless ensure that the fines are proportionate to the nature of the infringement. Click here.
  • The European Commission has fined General Electric €52 million for providing incorrect information during the Commission's investigation under the EU Merger Regulation of GE's planned acquisition of LM Wind. Click here.

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