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Focus Antitrust - 6 June 2018

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Secretary of State clears Fox/Sky subject to divestment of Sky News

The Secretary of State has cleared Fox’s acquisition of Sky, subject to Fox agreeing to divest Sky News to resolve public interest concerns.  Assuming suitable undertakings can be agreed, the Secretary of State will consult on the undertakings shortly.  Click here.

ECJ rules on standstill obligation in EU merger regulation

The ECJ has issued a ruling that the termination of a cooperation agreement did not amount to the implementation of a concentration contrary to the EU merger regulation, on the basis that it did not contribute to the change in control of the target undertaking.  Click here.

European Commission accepts commitments from Gazprom in Central and Eastern European gas markets 

The European Commission has accepted commitments from Gazprom that are intended to address the Commission's competition concerns in relation to the flow of gas in Central and Eastern European gas markets.  Click here.  


  • The CMA has provisionally found that the merger between EMR and MWR could reduce competition for firms that recycle metal and those that buy it to re-use.  Click here.   
  • Ofgem has issued a statement of objections under the Competition Act to Economy Energy, E, and Dyball Associates.  The statement of objections alleges that Economy Energy, E and Dyball Associates had an agreement that prevented the two suppliers actively targeting each other’s customers through face-to-face sales.  Click here.
  • The Secretary of State has confirmed that he will not be intervening on public interest grounds in relation to the Comcast/Sky merger.  Click here.

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