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Focus Antitrust - 10 January 2018

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CMA proposes to refer merger of soft drink manufacturers Refresco and Cott

The CMA has decided to refer the merger of soft drink manufacturers Refresco and Cott for a detailed investigation, unless the parties offer suitable undertakings in lieu of a reference. The CMA is concerned that the merger could lead to reduced competition in the manufacturing and packaging of certain juice drinks. Click here.

European Commission approves acquisition by Lufthansa of Air Berlin subsidiary LGW subject to conditions

The European Commission has approved Lufthansa's proposed acquisition of certain Air Berlin assets, through the entity Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter GmbH ('LGW'). The decision is conditional on Lufthansa's compliance with commitments to reduce its acquisition of slots at Düsseldorf airport. Click here.


The European Commission has approved unconditionally the proposed acquisition of Zodiac Aerospace by Safran, both global suppliers of aerospace equipment. The Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in the relevant markets. Click here.

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