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Focus Antitrust - 8 February 2017

In The News
European Commission opens three investigations into suspected anticompetitive practices in the e-commerce sector

The European Commission has launched three separate investigations into certain online sales practices. The cases concern the consumer electronics, video games and hotel accommodation sectors and relate to whether the companies in question are unfairly restricting retail prices or excluding customers from certain offers because of their nationality or location. Click here.

European Commission fines three companies €68 million for car battery recycling cartel

The European Commission has fined Campine, Eco-Bat Technologies and Recylex a total of €68 million for fixing prices for purchasing scrap automotive batteries, in breach of Article 101. Click here.

Articles 101 and 102
  • The General Court has upheld a damages action by Kendrion for excessively long court proceedings, awarding damages of approximately €600,000. Click here.
  • The General Court has dismissed an action by Aalberts Industries for damages for excessively long court proceedings, finding that the lengthy proceedings were justified because of the complexity of the case and delay by the appealing party. Click here.

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