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Focus Antitrust - 29 November 2017

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European Commission fines five car safety equipment suppliers €34 million in cartel settlement

The European Commission has fined a number of car safety equipment suppliers €34 million for taking part in cartels for the supply of car seatbelts, airbags and steering wheels to Japanese car manufacturers in the EEA. Click here.

ECJ confirms European Commission commitments decision does not preclude review by national courts

The ECJ has handed down a ruling on a preliminary reference which confirms that a commitments decision adopted by the European Commission in relation to specific agreements does not preclude a national court from examining the conformity of those agreements with the competition rules and, if appropriate, declaring them to be invalid under Article 101(2). Click here.

Articles 101 and 102
  • The ECJ has handed down a ruling on a preliminary reference which states that national legislation, which does not allow a lawyer and his client to agree remuneration below a minimum amount laid down in a regulation issued by a lawyers' professional organisation, is capable of restricting competition in the internal market within the meaning of Article 101. However, it goes on to state that it is for the referring court to confirm whether such legislation actually meets legitimate objectives and whether the restrictions imposed are limited to what is necessary to ensure that those legitimate objectives are given effect. Click here.

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