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Expert Insights

Compliance newsletter - August 2017

Welcome to the second edition of the new-look Charles Russell Speechlys Compliance Newsletter.

In this summer edition, we cover some of the hottest developments over the quarter. We remind readers of the need to pay due attention to merger control rules; Rose Carey explores the likely impact of the new charge for businesses sponsoring overseas workers in light of Brexit; our data protection expert Jonathan MacDonald discusses the latest on GDPR and how Brexit will change data protection law in the UK and in-house environmental law specialist, Helen Hutton, analyses the Government's new proposals on air quality improvement legislation.

 We hope you enjoy this issue.

EU & competition law

"Dealing" with merger control Parties to any corporate transaction should be on the lookout for possible risks under the EU and UK merger control regimes (and, indeed, those in other jurisdictions affected by the deal).  The stories we cover in this article highlight the importance of seeking up-front expert advice on the possibility of your transaction being caught by one or more merger regimes and then ensuring the rules of any applicable regime(s) are complied with thoroughly...

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 Charges for overseas workers Partly in response to the demands of Brexit and shoring up EU workers’ services, our clients have been paying close attention to immigration law of late. Rose Carey explains how businesses have now been given a further challenge in this arena: a charge on businesses who sponsor overseas workers...

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Data protection

 The impact of Brexit on UK data protection law Data Protection (and not least) GDPR also keeps many of our clients on their toes right now.  Our data protection expert, Jonathan MacDonald brings both topics together, taking out his crystal ball, to predict how Brexit will impact data protection rules in the UK...

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Bribery & corruption

Has the proposed merger of the Serious Fraud Office and National Crime Agency been scrapped? Prior to the snap general election in June, the Conservative Party manifesto included a commitment to incorporate the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into the National Crime Agency (NCA). The manifesto contained few details about how and when the merger would take place. The Queen’s Speech contained no mention of the proposal, leading to the inevitable discussion as to whether this may have been quietly dropped. Rhys Novak & Max Davis discuss...  

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Environmental law & regulation

Clearing the air: where we are now and the likely impacts of the Government's air quality proposals Air quality in the UK has been a hot topic in recent months, with different versions of the Government’s (draft) air quality plans at the centre of various legal challenges. Our in-house specialist on environmental law, Helen Hutton, explains how the Government is proposing to make legislative changes in the UK to improve air quality, safeguard health and comply with international environmental standards...

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