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Payment Expert quotes Janine Regan on the record £1bn fine against Meta over EU data protection violations

Meta, the owner of Facebook, has been fined a record €1.2 billion for breaching European Union data privacy rules, and given a six-month deadline to stop transferring data to the United States.

Janine Regan, Legal Director for Data Protection, comments:

“This fine concerns some of the most legally complex issues that data privacy practitioners have ever had to tackle.

“The level of the fine is staggering particularly because it’s not an issue that any one company can resolve on its own given that there is political agreement on both sides of the Atlantic to solve the issue.

“It’s likely that an alternative transfer mechanism will be ready over the summer so that Meta does not have to completely suspend transatlantic transfers, but this will be little consolation for a company facing such a record-breaking fine.”

Read the full article in Payment Expert here.

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