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Emily Chalkley writes for The Evening Standard on the Goldman Sachs equal pay settlement and potential for future claims

Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs agreed to pay a hefty sum in order to settle a US sex discrimination lawsuit. The settlement is one of the largest to-date, especially regarding issues of equal pay in the US. 

The gravity of this case and the eye-watering settlement sum was due to the employees joining together in a ‘class action’. Class action has been a fixture in the US for many years, which is by nature a more litigious nation than the UK. But is class action of this magnitude only reserved for the United States?

Emily Chalkley, Senior Associate, writes an article for the 'City Voices' column on whether the settlement could open the door to a wave of UK claims.

"The case will undoubtedly be a wakeup call to the financial and professional services industries in the UK to get their house in order and look at their own equal pay audit processes, and be ready to deal with potential increased scrutiny from regulators, the courts and their own staff."

Read the full article in the Evening Standard here.

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