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EG quotes James Souter on the upcoming Tate Modern judgment

The Supreme Court will give judgment next week in a much-anticipated case about privacy in planning, brought by neighbours of London art gallery Tate Modern.

The case has now been listed for judgment on 1 February, meaning judges have been mulling the case for more than a year.

James Souter, Partner, said in an interview with EG last month that the delay may well reflect the complex legal principles at stake.

“This was a case that piqued the public interest and gave rise to headlines along the lines of ‘people in glass houses’.

Underneath the excitable headlines, there is a point of significant interest to the worlds of law and property. There has been much debate in the legal world as to whether the law of nuisance will be extended by the Supreme Court.

My own view is that it could well be third time lucky for the neighbouring flat owners and that perhaps part of the delay could result from the Supreme Court justices struggling with what is a very finely balanced point of law.”

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