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The Grocer quotes Jamie Cartwright on the Celia Marsh inquest and allergen action

An inquest into the death of Celia Marsh, who had a fatal allergic reaction to food she bought from Pret a Manger begun yesterday. 

The ongoing inquiry will focus on the circumstances around Marsh’s death and the outcome could have wider implications for the rest of the food sector...

Jamie Cartwright, Partner, provides comment for The Grocer on food labelling and the legal protections. Read his full comment below:

“The tragic case of Celia Marsh is a case in point that ingredient labelling is only an aspect of an effective allergen protocol for food businesses. Natasha’s Law responded to a perceived lack of accessible information on ingredients for consumers on the product itself. It does not deal (nor was it intended to deal) with the broader risks from manufacturing through to fork or counter; these supply chain risks are real and sit at the heart of reform which is urgently needed to provide greater scrutiny. The industry has moved forward considerably since 2016 with additional understanding, awareness and processes in place to address allergens holistically, together with a mindset change for some who are now fully embracing the opportunities of catering to those with allergens and intolerances.”

Read the full article in The Grocer (subscription required). 

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