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City AM quotes Paul Stone on the lawsuit facing Google re: anticompetitive conduct in the digital advertising market

Google is being sued for up to £21.6bn over claims it has deprived other sites from obtaining billions of pounds in advertising revenues.

Paul Stone, Senior Counsel, provides comment for City AM. 

He comments that the lawsuits against Google are a "mirror image of ongoing investigations by the UK competition authority and the European Commission." 

"Both the lawsuits and the investigations are based on allegations that Google has abused a dominant position through its use of ad tech, a tool used in online advertising." 

"The difference is that, although the investigations could lead to significant fines being imposed on Google if anti-competitive conduct is found, the lawsuits would allow publishers to obtain compensation from Google for any anti-competitive conduct.  Given the potential for duplication, Google may well push for the lawsuits to be stayed pending the outcome of the investigations."

Read the full article in City AM here

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