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Private Equity News quotes Darren Bailey on US investment in European football

Darren Bailey, Consultant, provides comment for Private Equity News on US investment in European football. 

The question now facing the swathe of US investors piling into the sport is whether their acquisitions will pay off. Darren comments:

“Relegation, or a failure to qualify for European competition, can have catastrophic financial implications for clubs in Europe. We can therefore expect to see more pressure from investors to move towards closed leagues and guaranteed participation in elite competition as the decade unfolds.”

He also expects to see greater focus on matches featuring the 'best versus best' in slimmed down competitions.

“These trends could well challenge the fabric of existing European competitions and the pyramid system itself, instead creating closed, 'breakaway' leagues as exemplified by the recent European Super League.”

Read the full article in Private Equity News here.

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