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Private Equity News quotes Darren Bailey on the Americanisation of UK football

In the second article of the 'Football and Money' series, Private Equity News, explains why football financiers think they've found a real estate goldmine. 

Once a site where the local team would play a match every other weekend, the football stadium is quickly being transformed into a multi-use venue, hosting American sports fixtures, live concerts, and hospitality events.

Darren Bailey, Consultant, provides comment on this theme:

“We’re seeing an Americanisation where the matchday is turning into much more of an entertainment beyond just the sporting spectacle."

“With the global nature of the sport evolving, there are more tourists coming in, and they need somewhere to stay as well as more entertainment.”

But as investors look to modernise clubs and expand the fan base, local supporters will be hoping that they don't get left out.

Darren adds: “You've got to service older, more traditional fans with the desire to create a more global audience. It’s a difficult balancing act.”

Read the full article in Private Equity News (subscription required). 

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