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International Bar Association quotes Simon Green on the future of Hong Kong's legal sector

Simon Green, International Partner of the Firm's Hong Kong office, is quoted in the International Bar Association on the future of the legal sector in Hong Kong.

The piece examines Hong Kong’s Covid-19 policy, ever changing business landscape and its attraction as a financial and legal hub.

Simon comments that Hong Kong's legal talent will continue to evolve:

‘Certain roles and positions in the legal sector will change, with the inevitable relocation of lawyers or teams. But most firms in Hong Kong recognise that the future is about providing an array of services that reflect and support Hong Kong’s strategic position with mainland China. And, if they get that right, I don’t see there being an exodus of talent in the legal sector in the same way we might have seen in other sectors.’

He continues:

‘Hong Kong remains a key international financial hub and I don’t see this changing anytime soon despite the challenges arising from the pandemic.’

Simon's comments were first published in the International Bar Association.

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