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CoStar quotes Claire Fallows on the new infrastructure levy announced in the Queen's Speech

New planning reforms have been announced by Prince Charles in the Queen's Speech. Claire Fallows, Partner and Head of Planning, provides comment for CoStar on the new infrastructure levy.

Claire says the infrastructure levy is the latest in a "very long line of attempts to squeeze a bigger share of the development value created when planning permission is granted for the public good".

She continues to say the clear aim is to introduce changes that will simplify the current process. But she points out that the crux of the change as reported is that authorities will be left to provide community infrastructure themselves from the monies collected, including affordable housing, and with the power to borrow against future revenue.

"The question here will be: is the new world likely to be superior to the old in what it gives communities? It’s safe to say that this is an incredibly complex area of legislation and it’s no surprise that the community infrastructure levy regulations required many amendments. The quest for the optimum solution continues.”

Claire's comments were first published in CoStar. Her comments also feature in Homebuilding & Renovating and Housing Today.

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