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The Business Breakfast interviews Ghassan El Daye on the legal procedures surrounding international extradition

"South Africa has asked the Interpol to issue red notices as a result of a warrant arrest because of an investigation that has been going on in South Africa related to allegations of bribery corruption and money laundry, the red notice was issued a year ago normally under the international law and under the Interpol regulation and laws.

The Interpol has to send the red notice to all its members and states. There are three procedures, firstly they need to search for the expedited persons, later locate them and finally ask for their arrest in the views of extradition and this is what happened in this case recently.’’

Ghassan El Daye, Partner and Head of Civil Litigation, was interviewed on The Business Breakfast (Dubai Eye 103.8 FM) and Dubai One TV in relation to the arrest of two brothers from the wealthy Gupta family in the UAE over alleged corruption in South Africa.

During the interview, Ghassan gave a general overview on extradition and shared his expertise on the legal procedures surrounding the issuance of an Interpol "red notice" which led to the UAE’s recent arrest of the brothers and the complexities surrounding their eventual extradition back to South Africa.

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Dubai One دبي ون on Instagram: "#UAE has signed extradition treaties with various countries. Ghassan El Daye has shared details of extradition procedures in the…"

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