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The Grocer quotes Jamie Cartwright on Kellogg’s challenge to rules on HFSS

Kellogg’s recently lost the High Court Legal challenge over new UK government regulations that will restrict high-sugar breakfast cereals from being displayed prominently in supermarkets.

After Kellogg’s court defeat, are HFSS restrictions inevitable? Jamie Cartwright, Partner, provides comment for the Grocer:

The judge gave Kellogg’s “short shrift” and “went even further, outlining that the public health case for the approach under the regulations is compelling, proportionate and rational”.

Indeed, the judge’s response to Kellogg’s complaint location restrictions would cost it £5m in annual profits was effectively: good. The predicted loss of sugary cereal sales “directly correlates with what the government is trying to achieve”, he said. The unequivocal tone of ruling highlights “the inherent difficulties in bringing such challenges”.

Jamie's comments first featured in the Grocer. Read the full article here (subscription required).

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